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Explore Lifelong Learning provides a stimulating, entertaining and varied programme of expert led learning created to challenge your mind and deliver unique experiences.  As well as expanding their minds, our members also expand their social circles through attending our dependable and reliable programme of events.

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About Explore : by our members and tutors

'Lifelong learning is fundamental to our endless curiosity to know and share knowledge. The Explore programme is unique, enriching, life-giving.'

Max Adams, author of 'The King in the North : The Life and Times of Oswald of Northumbria', Royal Literary Fund Consultant Fellow, Explore Tutor
Photo credit Kona McPhee

'We must look after our minds as well as our bodies. Explore encourages me to accept new information and gently pushes my brain back into thinking mode.'

Harry Rose, Explore member
Explore lifelong learning 2016 Harry Rose adult education

'Explore is the backbone of my week – it amuses, intrigues, challenges and inspires - a thoroughly sociable way to broaden my horizons.'

Angela Young, Explore member
Explore lifelong learning 2016 Angela Young adult education

'I need structure, stimulation and social contact during the week. Explore provides all three in a distinctive and attractive setting.'

Maria Goulding, Explore tutor and member
Explore lifelong learning 2016 Maria Goulding adult education

VIP visitor! - Jeremy Corbyn visits Explore

Jeremy Corbyn MP visited Explore on Monday 3rd October 2016 on the first morning of our new season for 2016-17.  Our VIP visitor said hello to members who were enjoying art tutor Peter Quinn's lecture on the 'body in art'.

Jeremy was interested in and impressed by our innovative, member run, professionally delivered programme. 


John Grundy

Explore is pleased to announce that local historian and author, John Grundy, has agreed to become our patron.  

John said '... I feel a sort of passionate gratitude towards all of those people and forerunners who recognised the need and provided the opportunities for people who wanted (or needed) to keep on learning. Newcastle’s history has been full of them – the members of 18th century philosophical societies and debating groups, the self-help and self-improving workers’ societies, the subscription concerts, the Workers' Educational Association, Joseph Cowen and now Explore….

 When I look at Explore - the level of commitment, the range of opportunities, the quality of teachers, the gorgeous and slightly bohemian setting in which it is based – I feel really delighted and proud to be considered one of its patrons.'
Explore lifelong learning 2017 John Grundy adult education

Lee Hall

Lee Hall, the Newcastle born writer of Billy Elliot and The Pitmen Painters is a patron of Explore. 

Lee said ‘I am thrilled to be a Patron of Explore.  ...I can see that Explore makes it possible to share knowledge in a way we once expected the State to provide. Newcastle has always been a place where people have seized the initiative to share their learning from the debating clubs in the taverns of the Eighteenth Century to institutions like the Lit and Phil. 

So Explore is in a long and important tradition. It's a really exciting programme and I look forward to it going from strength to strength.’
Explore lifelong learning 2017 John Grundy adult education

Read more from our patrons on the About Explore page.

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