Current Programme

Current Programme

To see the full programme for Season Two 2017-18 starting on Monday 15th January 2018, please click on the image below (the programme will open in a new window).   
Please note that we do not provide printed out copies of the programme due to cost and time issues!

You can also view our weekly programme by scrolling a little further down this page. 

New to Explore? Try our FREE taster event on Tuesday 9th January at our home of Commercial Union House.  For full details, click on the button.
If you are interested in joining Explore but would like to visit us first, you can attend a free taster session using the voucher below. Take a look at the programme, then get in touch via the form on the CONTACT page to book your session or telephone the office on 0191 261 1633.
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Explore Evenings

Interested in Explore but not available during the day? 
Explore Evenings is specially designed for you!
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How the Explore programme works:

The Explore programme is made up of three, ten-week seasons broadly similar to university terms in their timing. The three seasons are taught by expert tutors many of whom teach at the region's universities. The programme contains a varied mix of courses, lectures, study groups and walks including some practical art.  

A team of member volunteers plans the Explore programmes under the guidance of tutor directors Bronwen Calvert and Colm O'Brien. The team is divided into the following subject areas :
  • Art & Design : Helen Watson
  • Culture & Society : Joy Rutter and Kath Smith
  • Narratives : Rita Prabhu and Angela Young
  • Perspectives : Chris Burridge and Joy Rutter
There is also a member led fourth season over the summer period. Click HERE to go to the Season 4 page.
Would you like to suggest new topics for Explore to the programme team?  Or are you a specialist interested in contributing to the Explore programme?  
Get in touch with the programme team by clicking on the button below.
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