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Explore Evenings

Interested in Explore but not available during the day? 
Explore Evenings is specially designed for you!

To register interest in any of the following three courses, please click on the button on the right and add the tutor's name in the 'Subject' box of the email.

Each 8 week course will cost £65 - payable by cheque at the first session of the course.

Explore Evenings are open to full Explore members to attend.

History course
Fortress : defence of the realm, military architecture in Britain from 500 BC to 1945
Tutor : John Sadler
Venue: Green Room, 4th floor, Commercial Union House, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 
Dates : Mondays - 9th October to 27th November 2017
Time : 19.00 to 20.30

We will survey how this country has defended its shores and its internal borders from the Iron Age to World War Two with particular reference to the North East of England: from Celtic forts, Roman Wall, Saxon burhs, Norman and medieval castles, Tudor artillery forts, Jacobite wars, industrial and nuclear age warfare. 

We look at purpose, construction, life within, siege and storm.

Sessions will cover:
Defining fortresses
Birrenswalk, practice or battle? 
Rome’s North West frontier
Harbottle Castle, stopper in the bottle 
Berwick’s Elizabethan Walls
Fighting Prince Charlie
Hartlepool, 1914
Churchill’s magic army
Explore lifelong learning 2017 John Sadler adult education

Music course
Man-made World : Musical Creations
Tutor : Mike Green
Venue: White Room, 4th floor, Commercial Union House, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 
Dates : Tuesdays - 10th October to 28th November 2017
Time : 18.00 to 19.30

In these eight sessions, we will explore some significant man-made creations which have had an influence on the course of Western music history over the past four hundred years. There will be plenty of opportunity for discussion and listening to musical examples. 

No formal musical knowledge is required.

10 Oct The Clarinet
17 Oct Creating an Impression
24 Oct The Guitar, Strings and Cables
31 Oct Musique concrète
07 Nov The Development of Keyboard Instruments 
14 Nov Equal Temperament
21 Nov The Violin
28 Nov The Golden Section
Explore Lifelong Learning 2017 Mike Green adult education

History course
Introduction to Ancient Egypt
Tutor : Members of the North East Ancient Egypt Society
Venue: Green Room, 4th floor, Commercial Union House, Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne 
Dates : Thursdays  - 12th October to 30th November 2017
Time : 19.00 to 20.30

Explore Lifelong Learning 2017 North East Ancient Egypt Society  adult education
The course will provide a concise introduction to Ancient Egyptian archaeology, including the monuments of its Pharoahs and settlements of its people, as well as hieroglyphs, tombs and temples.

12 Oct    Egyptian Pharaohs and their world - Penny Wilson
19 Oct    Law and Order in Ancient Egypt - Barbara Atkinson
26 Oct   The Tomb of Tutankhamun: from Luxor to Highclere - Gillian Dodds
02 Nov   Pyramid Power - Olive Hogg
09 Nov  Temples and Religious Life - tbc
16 Nov  Hieroglyphs and Writing - Ned Ramm
23 Nov  Archaeology of Egyptian Cities and Towns - Penny Wilson
30 Nov  Mummification and the afterlife in Ancient Egypt - Julie Misuriello

Explore Lifelong Learning 2017 Egypt papyrus detail  adult education
This course is open to members of the North East Ancient Egypt Society as well as Explore members.
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